The Hornsby And Districts
Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

QUA Projects

QUA Projects from past issues:

Project Year Month
Tone-Burst Gate 1991 December
Air Core BALUN 1992 February
Practice Morse Keyer 1992 May
Omni 2M Vertical Antenna 1993 March
2M Phased Colinear 1994 March
2M, 4 Bay, 20 Element Phased Array 1994 April
A VHF or UHF Preamplifier (MGF-1402) 1994 September
Christmas Holiday Antennae 1995 February
Another 2M Mobile Antenna 1995 April
Simple Low Cost TVI Filter 1995 June
RF Indicator/Field Strength Meter 1995 August
Sensitive Field Strength Meter 1995 December
Mobile Power Supply 1996 March
On Glass Antenna 1996 April
146 MHz, 16 Element Phased Array 1996 October
70cm, 16 Element Phased Array 1996 November