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Coming Events – Radio

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Club Meeting
** club participation events
July 2022
July 12 (Tue)HADARC mid-monthly meeting
July 16 (Sat)Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest
July 26 (Tue)HADARC monthly meeting
August 2022
August 9 (Tue)HADARC mid-monthly meeting
August 13 (Sat)Remembrance Day Contest
August 14 (Sun)Remembrance Day Contest
August 20 (Sat)International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend
August 21 (Sun)International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend
August 23 (Tue)HADARC monthly meeting
September 2022
September 13 (Tue)HADARC mid-monthly meeting
September 27 (Tue)HADARC monthly meeting
October 2022
October 11 (Tue)HADARC mid-monthly meeting
October 15 (Sat)Jamboree on the Air - Jamboree on the Internet **
October 16 (Sun)Jamboree on the Air - Jamboree on the Internet **
October 25 (Tue)HADARC monthly meeting
November 2022
November 8 (Tue)HADARC mid-monthly meeting
November 22 (Tue)HADARC monthly meeting