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Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest

The Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest is once again on the 3rd Saturday in July which is Saturday the 16th of July between 8:00 UTC and 14:00 UTC this year. Two amateurs with either one or two radios have a good chance of getting a place in this contest, going by last years results. So, grab a mate, a radio, and a bottle of wine, and have a go this year. As they say: good luck in the contest!

Rules for the contest can be found on the WIA’s website.


Annual Membership NOW DUE

It is membership renewal time and HADARC annual membership is excellent value at only $30. It is great to be part of the Amateur Radio community and trade our stories, our insights and read about the diverse ways each of us use our passion in the pages of QUA.

To make sure HADARC remains viable, please complete a renewal form and either e-mail the completed form to hadarc@hadarc.org.au and do a bank transfer to the HADARC account, or bring the form and your cash to the next meeting.


2022 Committee

Congratulations to the incoming committee!

Matt Ayres VK2BAI is our new President, Rob Dolphin VK2DIO continues as Vice-President, Stuart Walker VK2BMX is our new Secretary, Andrew McNamara VK2TAN continues as Treasurer, and the remaining two Committee positions are filled by Steve Wright VK2KHA and Rod Gamble VK2DAY.

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