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Club News

"Trash and Treasure" - Buy, Swap and Sell Night - October 24

A “Buy, Swap and Sell” night (call it a “Trash and Treasure” night if you like ) will be held on the October Meeting night, 24 October. This is a HADARC club fund raiser. It is open to all amateurs who might like to attend.

However, to ensure an orderly proceeding of the night, it is necessary to have some Rules. The Rules for the evening are:

And remember, “one person’s trash, is another person’s treasure”!

HADARC Name Badges

If you have ordered your Name Badge, and as yet have not collected it, these are now available from Dot VK2DB at $5.50 each. Dot is still taking further orders and if you haven't yet ordered a badge (and want one) contact Dot as soon as possible.