June mid-monthly meeting will go ahead as usual, luncheon at Magpies will be in July.

Contrary to what was stated at the May meeting and due to the short notice involved, it has been decided to go ahead as usual with the mid-monthly meeting at Hornsby-Manly Target Rifle Club on Tuesday, 11th July starting at 8pm.

As well, the second annual Christmas in July with HADARC at Magpies luncheon will be held at Magpies Waitara club on Sunday, 14th July starting at 12 noon.

Please make a note in your diaries.


April 2024 Meeting - Part II of Mick's EME Presentation

This month Mick Price VK2CMP is going to present part II of his EME (moonbounce) and working satellites presentation. Part I was presented last year and was received extremely well by members attending.

Mick has been very involved in this area of expertise for many years and we are glad to have him come along this month to present part II to members and guests. Be there, so you won’t miss another great presentation!


International Marconi Day 2024

In 1918, Guglielmo Marconi and Sir Ernest Fisk made the first wireless communication experiments. Fisk established the Australian end of the experiment at his home in Wahroonga NSW. Each year, HADARC activates the VK2IMD call sign to celebrate this landmark event. This year, International Marconi Day falls on the 27th of April. For more information, see our IMD page. We hope you have a chance to engage in this unique and special global event!


Join us for HADARC's Mid-Monthly Meeting: Exploring Square Waves!

This week on Tuesday 10th October, HADARC will hold its mid-monthly meeting at the Rifle Club. At this meeting we will look at square waves and whether they are really square or not. Please bring a signal generator and any other item of interest.

So this week be there or be square ! Yes, that was the best amateur humour I could russle up.

And if you have recently been on 20 meters you would have seen some of the best DX for many months. Yes, places like Cologne or Rome were 5/9. So turn your radio on, build an antenna and join in the DX fun.

73’s for now.

Matt / VK2BAI.


From History to Heatwaves: HADARC's September Spectacle!

Last week HADARC met at the Hornsby Rifle Club rooms and enjoyed a great night of history and tech. On the history front, Errol VK2BET brought his 1959 log books and showed some great station listening logs. He also displayed a diode in a glass bulb like never seen before. And the fun didn’t stop there. Walter VK2XWB brought bags of parts from the power supply construction and repair that were surplus. There was a feeding frenzy with Steve VK2AAV winning the deep dive award.

Since HADARC’s next meeting is after the ARNSW Trash and Treasure on the 24th of September, it was decided that those that ‘actually’ found real treasure are to bring it along to show it off. I might add there was plenty of treasure this time around. For those that didn’t, or simply missed out, please bring along your latest project and show that off.  

See you there at 8pm in the Mt Colah Community Centre for the main meeting on Tuesday the 26th of September for a great night with fellow amateurs; be they members or not as all amateurs are always more than welcome.

Finally did you know, this Summer is due to be indeed very hot. Prepare your batteries, hand-held radios and potable gear in case we get blackouts or fires. And with hot weather, it’s always nice to head to the beach with a portable setup. How about making plans now and get some friends together in the coming months.

73’s for now

Let’s keep radio active.

Matt / VK2BAI


Hear about Fox Hunting from Chris Williams VK2YMW

Next Tuesday, Aug 22nd is HADARC’s main Monthly meeting at Mount Colah. The August meeting is going to be a presentation from our Fox Hunting expert Chris Williams VK2YMW. Chris has been doing radio Fox Hunting for years, especially up at Port Macquarie but elsewhere as well over that time. He has quite often been in the top two spots in this field of endeavour. So come and find out what it’s all about this coming August main meeting at Mt Colah.

Did you know that there are some 14 lighthouses in and around Sydney and wider NSW? Let’s hope this weekend you have managed to fire up your radio and speak to a few of those keen operators out there activating these sites for the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend.

73’s for now.

Lets keep radio-active!

Matt / VK2BAI


Mid-monthly at Magpies Waitara

Next Tuesday the 11th July, HADARC will hold its Mid Monthly meeting at Magpies in Waitara. The evening will be a chance to catch up with fellow amateurs and share some of those tall and not so tall radio stories.

It seems there are more & more ways to find helpful information these days and Amateur Radio is no exception. It was interesting to see Audible (books you listen to rather than read) has a No-Fluff Beginner's Guide to Setting Up and Using Your Ham Radio.

It says “Ham radio is a fun hobby that allows you to talk to other ham radio operators locally and around the world. Depending on your license class, ham radio is used for a wide variety of activities. It is also useful in emergencies and search and rescue operations in disaster situations where all communication networks are down. The beauty of ham radio is that it is independent of any resources, whether grid or Internet for operation. Astronauts also communicate with Earth from space with ham radios. There are also multiple amateur radio satellites orbiting around the Earth which can be used for communication even as an entry-level ham radio operator. Packet radio is a digital mode which affords operators to send data through amateur radios just like the Internet.”

So if you have a friend interested in radio and they just want a book read out to them over a PC or Phone, this eBook may be helpful.

We look forward to seeing you at HADARC’s next Tuesdays dinner at Magpies Waitara.

73’s for now

Matt/ VK2BAI


10 kilowatt valve steals the evening!

HADARC’s last week “Bring a Valve Evening” was a great success. One valve was so big the table creaked – it was a 4CX10,000, yes that's a lazy 10 kilowatt valve. And there were the 6146’s which now seem rather quaint in comparison. Of course, the 30,000 volt glass sealed capacitor was technically not a valve but impressed anyway. All in all, it was a great evening of trading project ideas and catching up with fellow amateurs.

For the next monthly meeting on the 27th of June, Chris Williams VK2YMW, our new President, has asked those that have bought something on-line, or elsewhere, and have not been happy with the result due to the item not living up to either the hype or working as expected; to bring it along for a 5-minute show and tell. It doesn’t matter what it is, as it doesn’t have to be strictly amateur radio related. If it is too big or heavy, then simply bring a picture or two along on a USB stick, to be projected on the screen.

So come along and join the discussion on the 27th June at Mount Colah club rooms.

Let’s keep radio active!

73’s for now Matt / VK2BAI

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