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The Monthly HADARC meeting on 26th July was huge!

The 46 year History of HADARC was presented by Barry VK2AAB, Tony VK2BTL and Chris VK2YMW. HADARC has a great story to tell and is growing members almost every meeting. Just this meeting we had 3 new member join the club.

Dennis VK2PMI recited what is likely to be the first Radio Poetry just for HADARC.  

Carmel VK2CAR recounted the evolution of Floppy Disks and presented new and “intelligent road tiles”. Just amazing.

Matt VK2BAI presented the B-24 Bomber radio comms and of note was the 150 kilowatt pulse radar. We displayed an original BC-348-R receiver from the very B-24 bomber.

Next monthly meeting, Steve VK2AAV will be presenting on “The Magic of MOSFETS” and how to tame these great devices.   

Future Directions

HADARC and its Management Committee has recently developed growth plans to take the Club forward. Next meeting we will present the new direction. Radio has a strong future and the interest levels in the community remain high.

HADARC welcomes you as a member or a visitor to join us for another top evening for Radio Amateurs.

HADARC runs nets every week on 147.250 Monday’s, 3.6085 Wednesday’s and 7.106 Friday’s.


July Meeting Presentations

The History of HADARC

Coming up this month is The History of HADARC by Barry White VK2AAB, Tony LaMacchia VK2BTL and Chris Williams VK2YMW. This should be a great walk down memory lane for some, and a riveting history of HADARC and Amateur Radio in Sydney over the past 46 years.

HADARC Radio Poetry

Is there such a thing as Radio Poetry? In our Membership, HADARC has skilled professionals across many industries that aren’t just technical. But when you join engineering, radio, and prose together, you end up with Radio Poetry. This will be a first! Hear directly from acclaimed poet Dennis Robson VK2PMI whom has written a special poem just for HADARC.

B-24 Liberator Radio Comms

Australia has one of the few surviving B-24 Liberator planes in the world. And it holds some incredible comms gear, radios, transmitters, radar and more. We will hear from Matthew Ayres VK2BAI about the B-24 radio equipment and how advanced it was for its day and surprisingly how advanced it remains even to today’s standards.


Annual Membership NOW DUE

It is membership renewal time and HADARC annual membership is excellent value at only $30. It is great to be part of the Amateur Radio community and trade our stories, our insights and read about the diverse ways each of us use our passion in the pages of QUA.

To make sure HADARC remains viable, please complete a renewal form and either e-mail the completed form to hadarc@hadarc.org.au and do a bank transfer to the HADARC account, or bring the form and your cash to the next meeting.


2022 Committee

Congratulations to the incoming committee!

Matt Ayres VK2BAI is our new President, Rob Dolphin VK2DIO continues as Vice-President, Stuart Walker VK2BMX is our new Secretary, Andrew McNamara VK2TAN continues as Treasurer, and the remaining two Committee positions are filled by Steve Wright VK2KHA and Rod Gamble VK2DAY.


HADARC 40m Portable operations - Brick Pit

With Covid restrictions eased, HADARC 40m Portable operations have recommenced.

Stephen VK2KHA and Carmel VK2CAR were the first to jump at the opportunity to again set up Portable.

This is a regular event organised by Colin VK2JCC (of course, using his military manpack Clansman.)

Carmel and Steven

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